Self Watering Vertical Wall Hangers with Pots

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Do you want a garden but have no space? You can make the most out of a small outdoor space with this seriously efficient modular wall planter kit. It's also tidy and can be used indoors as well The size is up to you as well, simply combine two or more of these wall garden planter pot kits to create a vertical garden suitable for your area and available space.

This self watering vertical garden planter is:
Well designed for efficient watering
Easy to assemble
Durable and high quality
Suitable indoors or out
Great for small space gardening
Lightweight, easy to install

This type of garden wall pockets system is ideal for apartments, balconies, homes with small yards, schools or offices.

The propene polymer material used makes it durable and lightweight. Impeccably crafted, this planter is apt to create a beautiful setting for your plants to grow in. Place them on a wall, your patio, railings, balcony, or fence.

Our self watering planter pots have a well designed automatic dripping system compatible with American standard taps. Water from the tap drips on the topmost row and moves down to each succeeding row to ensure all plants are adequately watered but no stagnant water remains. Self watering planters provide enough water for days. 

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