Kinetic Copper Dual Spinner - Dancing Willow Leaves Jumbo Version

By: Stacy
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This is a gorgeous kinetic copper wind sculpture with Dancing Willow Leaves. This jumbo version windspinner is much larger than your average windspinners.  Compared to the regular size Dancing Willow wind sculpture, this one is both 50% taller and wider. Its pole is also 50% thicker. It stands 9′ tall. Its wheels are 3′ across. The craftsmanship on this wind sculpture is impeccable.

The leaves are oriented in a way that enables two wheels to spin elegantly in opposite directions at all times. The entire wind sculpture including the pole and its fixture is made of pure copper with brass hardware. The only metal is the stainless steel ball bearings that are completely covered by brass hardware. A third bearing makes the kinetic sculpture swivels 360 degrees in the wind. The unit spins in the slightest breeze.

The pole is made of heavy gauge copper and secured into the ground by an all copper 4-point anchoring system. With its heavy duty construction and swiveling head, this kinetic sculpture can withstand strong winds up to 50 mph. The copper leaves and arms are not coated and will age naturally. If you want to preserve its original copper shine, you may spray a layer of clear coat on it.

The wheels are finely balanced and maintenance free. The sculpture is entirely weather proof and made to last for decades. Lifetime warranty

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